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Kosugi Inc.

Established: 1968 

Kosugi Inc. is a 137-year-old dynamic Japanese apparel conglomerate and our 50-year relationship makes it the longest partnership in Nicklaus Companies history. The Jack Nicklaus and Golden Bear brands are highlighted in Japan by a robust presence at more than 1,000 points-of-sale.  

Launched in the Japanese market in 1968, the Jack Nicklaus and Golden Bear lifestyle brands have grown to represent the iconic image under the leadership of Sataro Kosugi, President of Kosugi, Inc. The past five decades of dominant growth have been built on a collaborative partnership for the Nicklaus legacy in Japan crossing generations.  Additionally, Kosugi leads the eight other licensed companies in Japan for Nicklaus lifestyle products. 

Kosugi Golden Bear Store
Kosugi Golden Bear Store
Kosugi Golden Bear Store

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