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Nicklaus News – November 30, 2018

Jack Nicklaus II in Asia

Hanoi, Vietnam — Jack Nicklaus II, and Nicklaus Design Associates Jim Wagner and Sean Quinn recently traveled to the burgeoning golf market of Vietnam to work on various projects and meet with the Chairwoman of BRG, Madame Nga, and her counterpart, Mr. Bao, at the highly-acclaimed Legend Hill Golf Club.
Already having designed one golf course in Vietnam, Jack Nicklaus II led discussion surrounding the strategic planning and layout of his newest design at Ruby Tree Golf Course, a project soon to begin construction in Hai Phong. This vibrant and emerging port city in northern Vietnam is now the third-largest city in the nation. As the leading golf course design firm in the country, the Nicklaus Design team also reviewed planning for the company’s upcoming projects in Ha Nam and Hue, slated to begin construction in the near future.
“We see Vietnam as one of the top emerging golf markets in the world, and we have aggressively taken the lead in developing the market,” said Paul Stringer, Nicklaus Design President Asia-Pacific.  “We have completed five courses already and have another five under design or construction.  Our relationship with Madame Nga and the BRG Group has been paramount to this success – they are leading the golf market and have a clear vision for the future in further building the golf culture in the country and creating an     economic impact.”
Guilin, China — Following their work in Vietnam, Nicklaus II and Wagner traveled to Guilin, China, where they are undertaking the extensive re-design plans for Guilin Li River, a Jack Nicklaus II Signature design. The Nicklaus Design team finalized golf course design plans with construction to commence in early 2019. The city of Guilin has become one of the pearls of the nation, featuring a thriving tourism industry centered around the natural karsts, waterways and caves.  The collaboration with Nicklaus Design is a strategic effort to help bolster tourism in the region.
“We’re really excited about the shape this project is taking, including a carefully proposed new routing plan, unique design concepts, and a new grassing plan,” said Nicklaus II. “By working closely with club manager and superintendent at Guilin Li, Nicklaus Design is able to consider the most intricate and important details. Further, the real estate itself is a natural attraction for visitors and golfers alike, as the course is situated amongst beautiful rock formations and mountainous terrain, contrasting the nearby Guilin Li River.”

Nicklaus-Designed Banyan Cay Honored by American Society of Golf Course Architects

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Banyan Cay Resort and Golf was one of 11 courses honored in the seventh annual American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) Excellence Recognition Program, each of which were cited for their work in addressing unique design challenges. According to the ASGCA, the Design Excellence Recognition Program highlights the innovation and problem-solving skills required of today’s golf course design — from new layouts to renovations, to updated practice facilities. The nominations are reviewed by a panel of golf industry leaders including the Club Managers Association of America and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America.
“This is an impressive group of golf facilities, and I congratulate them and the architects that worked with on these projects,” ASGCA President Jeff Blume said in an official statement. “Each year, the Design Excellence Recognition Program illustrates the art and science of golf course architecture that leads to facilities better-serving their communities and golfers. I have so much respect for what is shown in these projects.”
“Mr. Nicklaus and his team at Nicklaus Design delivered for our development and the finished product exceeded all of my expectations for our golf facility,” said Domenic Gatto, Founder of Banyan Cay Dev, LLC. “Working closely with Jack and Chris was a treat and truly a remarkable experience. We are proud to be Jack’s 300th design!”
The recognition celebrates the work of many individuals — first and foremost being Jack Nicklaus — but also Senior Nicklaus Design Associate and ASGCA member, Chris Cochran. Further, it highlights the effort of the project manager, John Sanford, a past president and fellow ASGCA member who has worked with Nicklaus Design on several projects over recent years. In its writeup, the ASGCA outlined the remarkable transformation work that took place at Banyan Cay, as the team moved more than 300,000 yards of previously unusable material on property to the golf course. The transformation saw a reduction of a former 36-hole private club into a successful 18-hole resort course, now with a world-class package of an improved practice facility, hotel and residences.
“The 100-acre development was full of highly organic soils not suitable for building and development,” noted the ASGCA. “This unsuitable soil was used to fill and build the practice range thus saving significant expense. The final quantity of poor soil was utilized to raise and provide better definition on the practice range.”
The Nicklaus Companies team couldn’t be prouder of the finished product at Banyan Cay.
“Banyan Cay is a shining example for many courses around the United States of how to effectively and successfully turn around a troubled club and make it vibrant and profitable,” explained Nicklaus Companies CEO, John Reese.  “Jack and Chris did a remarkable job converting this average property into a stellar course that can challenge the top Tour player as well as provide a truly enjoyable experience for the regular member or resort guest.  And for Domenic, an accomplished golfer himself turned developer, the course is the centerpiece to market his real estate, memberships and resort as well as helping to revitalize the area. If U.S. golf course developments are looking for a turn-around success story, Banyan Cay is it.”

Vibrant, Colorful Looks Highlight 2019 Jack Nicklaus® Apparel Ladies Spring Collection

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Jack Nicklaus® Apparel recently staged its photo shoot for the 2019 Ladies Spring Collection, capturing some of the brand’s most unique, vibrant and functional styles to-date. The latest offering from Jack Nicklaus® Apparel shines both on and off the course, blending a fun, vibrant color palette with a dynamic mix of patterns and silhouettes that cater to a wide range of female golfers.  Nicklaus Companies Director of Photography, Jim Mandeville, directed the shoot, capturing both the golf-inspired apparel on course and extensive indoor and outdoor lifestyle scenes.
The Spring 2019 Ladies Collection will be distributed in the U.S. and sold in seven different countries, including Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Indonesia and the Philippines. Available in January 2019, the Ladies Collection products start at an MSRP of $75 (U.S.) and range up to $155 (U.S.) for selected pieces.
Starting in December, the Nicklaus Companies will be distributing a series of behind-the-scenes images from the photo shoot across its social channels, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, in an effort to promote the newest Collection and generate interest for the upcoming introduction of the product line-up.

Partner Spotlight: Clarke Miyasaki Establishes Firm Footing in Golf for Stance

Jack Nicklaus has always stressed the importance of selecting the right partner – both in and out of the game. It’s no surprise, then, that earlier this year, the Nicklaus Companies announced one of its most unique licensing partnerships with Stance, the fast-growing global basics brand built on creative and technical innovation, to introduce a collection of golf socks inspired by Jack Nicklaus. With a remarkable customer base and appeal to the youth market, Stance has captured the attention of golfers with comfortable products that are equal parts charming and nostalgic. The first style in the Nicklaus Collection, which celebrated Nicklaus’ epic win at age 46 in the 1986 Masters, sold out in less than a week, making it one of the fastest-selling products ever by Stance, a company which also holds licenses with the NBA, MLB and many other organizations.
One of the key catalysts for the success of our partnership, and the radical growth of Stance at-large, has been its Executive Vice President of Business Development, Clarke Miyasaki, who is the worthy subject of this week’s partner spotlight.
Miyasaki, who humbly credits good fortune and great leadership influences throughout his career as being critically responsible for his professional successes, has aimed high with the Nicklaus partnership. Since the introduction of the initial product collaboration, Nicklaus and Stance have expanded the collection, adding SKUs and building on an authentic incorporation of historic Nicklaus moments and iconography. The Stance design team has taken its first inspiration for the Jack Nicklaus Collection from the historic moment’s from the Golden Bear’s record career including the 1986 Masters Sock, a PLAYERS Sock, the Memorial Tournament sock, and many more.
“Stance looks to impact sports with the highest quality product available in each market,” said Miyasaki. “And if we are going to dominate the golf market, the only place to start is with the greatest name in the game, Jack Nicklaus.”
“The phrase ‘Outside the Box’ has become rather overused and trite, but there is just no other way to describe the unique thinking and creativity the Stance team has brought to our relationship and to the game of golf in fashion,” commented Andy O’Brien, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Licensing and Communications. “Stance is raising eyebrows, not just in design creativity, product quality and appeal to consumers, but in delivering results.  Clarke and his team have helped us further institutionalize the Nicklaus brand with our lifestyle product line while at the same time paying tribute to Jack’s career, adding to his legacy and contributing to the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation.”
Founded in 2011, Stance quickly turned the overlooked category of socks into a fashion statement, while the brand’s focus on innovation has earned it major recognition in the sports world, with performance product developed for the Ryder Cup and the Presidents Cup. The company has created collections for NBA stars Dwyane Wade and James Harden, pro golfer Bubba Watson, and former American League MVP, Jose Altuve. On the lifestyle side, the brand boasts an impressive and long list of collaborations and collections, including Rihanna as a contributing creative director.
The Nicklaus products feature the iconic Golden Bear logo embroidered on the opposite sock of the Stance icon. The Nicklaus Collection is available on with the new 2019 Nicklaus Collection launching in January at the PGA SHOW in Orlando, Florida.

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