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Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea hole-by-hole description and flyover videos

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Hole 1
Par 4 — 426 Yards, 390 Meters
The first hole is a 426-yard par 4 and from the tees offers views of the major components of the golf experience: a sweeping Songdo IBD skyline vista, dynamic topography, rock features and mature vegetation.
Hole 2
Par 4 — 424 Yards, 388 Meters
Players will be rewarded on this rather short par 4 with a simpler approach shot if the right fairway bunkering is challenged off the tee.

Hole 3
Par 5 — 591 Yards, 540 Meters
This long 591-yard par 5 has a slight left-to-right dogleg. Golfers should be at ease when facing a wide landing area.
Hole 4
Par 4 — 396 Yards, 362 Meters
The 396-yard par 4, with lush surroundings, plays along a lake enhanced with rock features and aquatic plants. A golfer playing away from the water feature will be faced with a longer approach into the green.

Hole 5
Par 3 — 170 Yards, 155 Meters
Creeks and waterfalls are created for both the strategy of this 170-yard par 3 and the aesthetic enjoyment of visitors driving through the main entrance.
Hole 6
Par 4 — 488 Yards, 446 Meters
A minimum of 488 yards will be traveled from the back tee in order to reach this hole’s elevated green. A friendly left-side green approach offers golfers relief, if needed, to recover on this long par 4.
Hole 7
Par 5 — 560 Yards, 512 Meters
This 560-yard par 5 is reachable in two if played down the left side of the fairway. A strong drive is required, as well as an accurate shot into a green that is nestled alongside a lake.
Hole 8
Par 3 — 234 Yards, 214 Meters
The longest par 3 of Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea plays to 234 yards. The low area running between the tees and the green complex creates a dramatic look on this hole.

Hole 9
Par 4 — 435 Yards, 398 Meters
Golfers can choose to carry the fairway bunkers to catch the downhill slope on the 435-yard 9th hole and will be rewarded with a shorter approach into the green. The green sits along the lake’s edge, defined by a rock wall.
Hole 10
Par 4 — 435 Yards, 398 Meters
The 435-yard starting hole on the back nine of the course greets golfers with tees set along a rock cliff from which they face a slight uphill shot. The fairway extends through a picturesque valley before leading to a green positioned at a lower elevation.
Hole 11
Par 4 — 448 Yards, 410 Meters
This 448-yard par 4 is a dogleg right with water that comes into play for both the tee shot and the approach. A landform splits the fairway and creates a number of playing options for golfers.
Hole 12
Par 4 — 463 Yards, 423 Meters
The taller fescue grasses come into play on this hole, which is highlighted with a natural, dune-style landscape unique to this section of the golf course. The 463-yard par 4 is framed with landforms on both sides of the fairway.

Hole 13
Par 3 — 207 Yards, 189 Meters
The par-3 13th hole at Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea plays to 207 yards and over water. The grassed collection areas on either side of the green are receptive to errant tee shots.
Hole 14
Par 4 — 361 Yards, 330 Meters
The focus of this 361-yard par 4 is the stream system running through the golf hole. The water feature runs down the centerline of play, splitting the fairway in two. The left fairway is then defined as a peninsula by the wetland plantings along the left side of the hole. From there, golfers are faced with an easier green approach, but they are challenged off the tee.
Hole 15
Par 5 — 572 Yards, 523 Meters
This 572-yard par 5 plays slightly downhill. A well-designed landscape directs the views toward the inside of the property where rock and water features dominate the eye. The twin 300-foot spires of Incheon Bridge are visible from this fairway.
Hole 16
Par 4 — 471 Yards, 431 Meters
This is one of the longer par 4s at 471 yards. An approach to the right of the green should feed onto the putting surface.
Hole 17
Par 3 — 189 Yards, 173 Meters
The 189-yard par 3 requires a long carry over water. However, a generous fairway area should keep the golf ball in play.

Hole 18
Par 5 — 542 Yards, 496 Meters
This 542-yard par 5 presents a dramatic finishing hole. The fairway gradually climbs toward the Clubhouse around a series of cascading ponds and tall rock cliffs.

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